Google Earth Outreach gives non-profits and public benefit organizations the knowledge and resources they need to visualize their cause and tell their story in Google Earth & Maps to over a billion people. 

Google Earth Outreach and University of Arizona are co-hosting the first-ever Indigenous Mapping Workshop at the University of Arizona campus.

What: Indigenous Mapping Workshop
When: December 5-6, 2013
Where: University of Arizona in Tucson

This Indigenous Mapping Workshop is a hands-on, technical workshop hosted by Google Earth Outreach. This workshop is intended for UA faculty & students, indigenous community members, & mapping specialists who are involved in mapping cultural and natural aspects of indigenous communities.

Led by the Google Earth Outreach team, in cooperation with Dr. Ben Colombi of University of Arizona and Dr. Brian Thom of University of Victoria, this workshop will teach highly practical tools, which participants can use to collect, host, visualize, share and publish their map data.

Pictured above: Interactive storytelling about the history & culture of the Cherokee people in Google Earth. Learn more...

Pictured above: the Surui people of the Amazon mapped their important cultural sites in Google Earth. Learn more...